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Vol 11, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Worker Heterogeneity and the Popularity of the Minimum Wage Institution Abstract | PDF
George Economides, Thomas Moutos 1-39

The Role of the Minimum Wage on the Declining Wage Inequality in Latin America: Evidence from Brazil. Abstract | PDF
Paul Garcia Hinojosa 39-82

Management Quality and Innovation in Emerging Countries Abstract | PDF
Oleg Sidorkin 83-116

Visible and Invisible Forces. What Drives the Intensity of Trading in the European Carbon Market? Abstract | PDF
Iordanis Kalaitzoglou 117-144

The Impact of Special Economic Zones on Exporting Behavior Abstract | PDF
Roland B. Davies, Arman Mazhikeyev 145-174

Does entry business regulation deter FDI? Evidence from Dynamic Estimators Abstract | PDF
Kyriakos Emmanouilidis, Christos Karpetis 175-202


An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Budget Deficits (Total and Primary) and Personal Income Tax Rates on the Ex Post Real Interest Rate Yield on Long-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds Abstract | PDF
Richard J. Cebula

Does Financial Remoteness Affect Foreign Direct Investment? Abstract | PDF
Michael Machokoto, Lanre Kassim

Dynamic spillovers between stock and money markets in Nigeria: A VARMA-GARCH approach Abstract | PDF
Afees Salisu, Kazeem O. Isah, Alberto Assandri

Central Banking in Modern Democracies: Private vs. Public Control Abstract | PDF
Panagiotis Kotsios