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Vol 10, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Public Investment, Government Indebtedness and Transitional Dynamics Abstract | PDF
Constantine Angyridis, Panagiotis Tsintzos 121-150

Untangling the Health Impacts of Mexico – U.S. Migration Abstract | PDF
David L Ortmeyer, Michael A Quinn 151-179

Exploratory Study of Comparison Income and Individual Debt Using British Household Panel Survey Abstract | PDF
Ourega-Zoe Ejebu 181-202

Availability of better data on communication networks can undermine community enforcement Abstract | PDF
James David Campbell 203-219


Economic Growth and the Public Sector: A Comparison of Canada and Italy, 1870-2013 Abstract | PDF
Livio Di Matteo, Thomas Barbiero

Is NY's Supply-side Experiment Working? A Preliminary Analysis using County Unemployment Rates Abstract | PDF
Dan Friesner

The Differential Impact of Financial Intermediation on Economic Growth in Oil-Dependent Economies Abstract | PDF
Anthony Anyanwu, Christopher Gan, Baiding Hu

Games of Two Halves: Non-Experimental Evidence on Cooperation, Defection and the Prisoner’s Dilemma Abstract | PDF
Stephen Dobson, John Goddard

Liquidity Provision, Ambiguous Asset Returns and the Financial Crisis Abstract | PDF
Willem Spanjers